Amtico Signature and Amtico Spacia

Lifestile are authorised suppliers and intallers of Amtico and Amtico Spacia luxury flooring. A unique combination of design-led and inspirational luxury vinyl flooring collections.

Visit our showroom to see a large display of both Amtico and Amtico Spacia flooring ranging from solid colours to woods, stone, slate, granite to metallic and marble finishes.

Amtico Signature was re launched in 2013 adding new designs in wood, stone and abstract finishes now offering 186 designs for you to choose. Beautiful modern and classic looks, new design effects and introducing contemporary twists on natural products. The planks and tiles are individual pieces with this quality flooring meaning you can have tiles cut in any way you choose, to mix and match different designs and create a truly unique floor.

These products come with a fully transferable Lifetime residential warranty. This means when you move home, the floor you leave behind is still under warranty – something prospective home-buyers will certainly see as a positive.

Amtico Spacia combines gorgeous aesthetics with outstanding performance to create a flooring collection suitable for every living space. An exciting choice of style, colour and texture available across 89 wood, stone and abstract products.

Designed for busy lives, Amtico Spacia is a high performance yet comfortable surface underfoot.

Amtico Spacia floors come with a 25 year transferable warranty.

Amtico flooring also has a well-deserved reputation for being hard-wearing. While natural materials can become easily marked, chipped or tough to clean, an Amtico finish is extremely easy to maintain and requires minimal effort to keep it looking pristine.

At Lifestile all work is carried out by our own in house team - we do not use sub contractors. Estimating is free and places you under no obilgation to take matters further.

Amtico cleaning products are held in stock.