Crown Kitchens - Fashion for your Home

Crown has been designing and manufacturing kitchens, bedrooms and study furniture for over 60 years and seem to know what makes a great design for your home. Crown Imperial are a Britsh family owned manufacturing company who believe in building German quality furniture but here in the UK. They take the best of design and manufacturing practices to produce affordable quality kitchens, bedroom and study furniture offering a wide choice of styles and flexible options to suit you and your home.

One of the largest collections of high gloss kitchens with over 40 different doors to choose from

An outstanding range of over 60 painted doors available in a choice of styles also a primed version available for you to take away and decorate with your chosen colour.

Ultra matt, non-reflective doors in a soft touch finish in over 80 colours. Available in both handle-less or with a choice of handles.

Brushed Wood
Textured painted doors in a deep woodgrain finish available in 21 painted shades and also a primed finish for you to decorate in your chosen colour.

Call in and see the latest designs -  for all areas of your home.