Winchester Tile Company

The Winchester Tile Company are England's foremost producer of hand crafted designer tiles. Their tiles are made from the finest quality raw materials to create beautiful hand made tiles.

Winchester and their sister company Original Style offer an exclusive collection of wall tiles and floor tiles - perfect for bathrooms, kitchens, fireplaces, swimming pools and outdoors. The charm of all hand made products is that no two pieces will ever be identical, the surfaces of these tiles undulate gently giving subtle variations in shade within each tile, moulding and border. 

Winchester offer a full versatile range of field tiles and borders to match and co-ordinate with the decorated tiles. Colours range from whites and pale misty tones to strong earth colours, sea greens and blues, autumnal reds and orange's.

The decor tiles available vary enormously from images of buckets and spades, starfish, seahorses and ammonites to raised flowers, bugs and animals.

In addition to these are a range of quirky farm animal tiles, balloons, cars and pets and beautiful tile panels.

Winchester also produce reproduction English Delft tiles. These tiles are exact reproductions of 18th Century tiles held in museums and private collections. As well as Delft Boats and Delft Flowers there are also a number of river and landscape scenes available - all reproduced in Cobalt Blue on Delft White.

All Winchester and Original Style products are competively priced offering you the versitility seen in other often more expensive ranges like Fired Earth or Marlborough and without any loss of quality.